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The Rieker shoes are a huge part of the Euro collection of shoes at Ballentynes Fashion Central. They are unique in their designs, featuring laser-cut specifications for precise detail. If you are looking for shoes that stand out and give your outfit that sense of dynamism, the Rieker shoe range is one to get your eyes (and feet) across.

If you’re a keen heel-wearer but sometimes feel put off by the discomfort that can happen after a few hours of elevation, rejoice with the range of heels in the Rieker range because you will feel light on your feet and happy in heels throughout the whole day. The materials and leathers used in their composition are not only durable, but soft and comfortable, and they’ll withstand wearing over and over again! Isn’t that just perfect? When it comes to shoes, it’s always more sensible to invest in long-term options that will serve you in any kind of weather, and the Rieker ‘antistress’ style range (due to their immense comfort) will tick every box while keeping you on trend.

See for yourself how many styles are available. Whether you need chic ankle boots or a ‘walking boot’ to wear with jeans or pants, or sandals that will dress up your summer outfit, we have everything you need. As much as we love the simple stuff, we also love experimenting with designs and being a little bit ‘out there’ - especially with shoes. Buttons, beads and buckles all feature on the Rieker range of shoes. We are proud to be a Rieker shoes outlet.

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