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It’s no secret that women are renowned for owning more shoes than they probably need, but what’s to say you can’t add another pair to your shoe rack when you spot another perfect pair? Feast your eyes upon the gorgeous range of shoes available. And endless array of designs from quirky to classic, and everything in between, there’s something here for everyone. If you like to wear heels but want to stay comfortable throughout the day, our brands such as Utopia, Intrigue, Miss Sofie and Rieker boast some of the most comfortable soles around. You’ll feel light on your feet with soft materials. 

At Ballentyne’s, we love variety! Indulge in beautiful shoes that cater for every occasion. Sandals are great for summer, but as the weather only begins to warm up over the spring, it’s great to have sandals that cover your feet just that little bit more. We have just the thing! Check out our sandals featuring thicker leather straps and toe coverings. In a variety of colours and textures, your summery outfits will be finished off in the best way!

For not-so-heavy-duty ankle-boot style shoes, look no further than the gorgeous range of trendy boot-shoes from Intrigue, Le Sansa, Utopia and other international brands. Lace up shoes and slip-ons have always been trendy, versatile and a great transitional shoe, looking great with just about any outfit. If you’re looking for shoes that will finish off your work outfits and more formal occasion wear, there are plenty of beautiful, classy, dynamic heels and flats that will leave you feeling bold and ready to take on the day!

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