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There’s nothing nicer than wrapping up in a gorgeous knit jersey in the wintertime. Knit jerseys are versatile go-to items of clothing that every woman needs. One of their many perks is their comfortable fit that allows generous room for layering beneath. Why not layer up to your heart’s content and finish off your autumn or winter look with a vest? 

Choose from a range of stunning colour palettes. If you love being bold and beam confidence, step out in red, teal or pink. If you enjoy wearing more muted, neutral tones, we have greys, white, black, baby blues and pinks, and more! With an array of cuts and styles, you’re bound to find the perfect look.

Despite what some people might say, turtlenecks will never go out of fashion. They’re one of our favourite kinds of jerseys and they’re perfect when you want the best combination of comfort, warmth and class. For those of you who love to feel at complete ease in your clothing, our looser-fitting crew-neck or lower-cut round/V neck women’s jersey options would be perfect for you. For extra warmth and options for under-layering, take a look at our beautiful merino range. 

Don’t forget, knitwear can come in super handy in the summer and spring, too. During those long evenings out on the deck with friends, sometimes it can be nice to have something light over your shoulders to maintain a good temperature as the night goes on. 

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