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A dress is the embodiment of your personal style.  From bold prints that make a statement at any formal event, through knee-length and mid-calf classics perfect for everyday wear, to timeless looks that elevate your workwear style - whether they’re dresses with sleeves, summer dresses, midi dresses or other: we've got the best in women's dresses fashion has to offer.  

Dress for success with Ballentynes Fashion Central and our wide selection of women's dresses.  Don't sacrifice style for comfort with our range of stretch fabric dresses.  Emphasise your curves and bring your best features forward with our styled curve dresses. Elevate your style and find your beautiful with a unique, feminine look every day.  Instantly update your wardrobe with flattering office dresses, glamorous formal cuts, and key shapes, colours, and sizes - whether you need a casual dress or a more formal dress.

Our feminine designs accentuate, flatter and channel your inner femininity for a look that's guaranteed to remain on trend season after season. In the winter, we have dresses with sleeves that will keep you warm without compromising on style. Feeling bold?  Make a statement wherever you go with our printed women's dresses.  Take your pick between elegant florals, daring geometrical prints, cheeky polka dots and more, and dare to experiment with our lightweight linen materials, embroidery and motifs, designed for every body shape, size, and taste. Even if you’re lucky enough to be heading to a wedding and want to wear something snazzy yet classy, we have dresses for weddings that will no doubt add some pizazz to the party.

Your new favourite dress awaits – revive your wardrobe with the dress experts at Ballentynes Fashion Central, now with free NZ delivery and simple, no-hassle 30-day returns.

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